NEPA Program Director Donna Nelson

Donna lives in Northeastern Pennsylvania. As an entrepreneur, advocate for families and school choice, she believes the micro-school learning model is an important solution for filling the educational needs of our children and accommodating families schedules, and desire for a consistent, stable and safe learning space, especially during the time of uncertainty navigating a worldwide pandemic.

She has degrees in Human Services and Psychology, and has an online international coaching and consulting business where she blends the science and soul of personal development to mentor business leaders to elevate their impact leading from within.

Through her lived experience as a struggling single mom, in 2017 she founded the Adopt A Single Mom Project to support and advocate for working single moms with social and emotional support, and resources for this under-recognized and under-served population to thrive.akes a village. We are the village. We get to create the village. I am here to support you with passion, educational vision and creativity in our village.”

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